EPB Motor Electric Brake Caliper Actuator 8V0998281 3Q0998281 for VW Golf Audi A3 TT

Motor OEM NO. : 8V0998281  3Q0998281

Caliper OEM NO. :

5G0615423C  5G0615423D  5Q0615423D  5G0615423B

8V0615423  8V0615423D  8V0615423DX  8V0615423C

8V0615423F  3Q0615423F  3Q0615423FSL7  5Q0615423

8V0615423A  8V0615423B  8V0615423E  3Q0615423

3Q0615423X  3Q0615423A  3Q0615423AX  3Q0615423E

3Q0615423ESL7  3Q0615423ESQ5

Budweg No.

208015  344836  344838  344840  345050  345098  345478

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Compatible Applications

VW GOLF VII (5G1, BE1)      (2012/08 - /)
VW GOLF VII Estate (BA5)      (2013/04 - /)
AUDI A3 (8V1)      (2012/04 - /)
AUDI A3 Sportback (8VA)      (2012/09 - /)
AUDI A3 Limousine (8VS)      (2013/05 - /)
AUDI A3 Convertible (8V7)      (2013/10 - /)
AUDI A3 (8V1)      (2012/04 - /)
AUDI TT (FV3)      (2014/07 - /)
AUDI TT Roadster (FV9)      (2014/11 - /)

Equipment for EPB Caliper & Actuator

equipment 1
equipment 2

We have complete range of brake parts, such as Brake Calipers, Electric Parking Brake, Actuators and so on. We have some equipment to test the quality when manufature and after manufaturing. Such as Cable input output force test, EPB Caliper Durability test and High and low voltage test.

EPB Actuator is important in passenger vehicles as it allows drivers to activate a holding system to keep the vehicle stationary on grades and flat roads.

Our Electric Park Brakes:

  • Offer an improved drive comfort
  • Allow greater freedom in vehicle interior design
  • In caliper integrated systems, provide connection between hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake
  • Ensure optimum brake power in all conditions and reduce installation time due to the absence of hand brake cables

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