145.60002 14560002 Phenolic Brake Caliper Piston for Mercedes Benz ML320 ML350 ML430

Centric Number: 145.60002/ 14560002

Inside Diameter: 35.96

Length: 51.07

Material: Phenolic

Piston OD mm: 59.92

Thickness mm: 12.25

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Compatible Applications

MERCEDES-BENZ ML320 1998-2003
MERCEDES-BENZ ML350 2003-2005
MERCEDES-BENZ ML430 1998-1999


  • Guarantees proper performance throughout the lifetime of the caliper
  • Made from high-quality phenolic resin
  • Carefully tested to ensure a precise fit, high quality, and excellent performance


Made from premium phenolic resin and manufactured to the most stringent OE requirements, this caliper piston is resistant to corrosion and rust while ensuring excellent performance. Phenolic pistons are also lighter than steel pistons and have superior heat insulating properties, which helps prevent heat from being transferred to the brake fluid and causing a spongy pedal. 

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