What is an EPB and how it works

Electronic parking EPB (Electrical Parking Brake) refers to the technology of electronically controlled parking brake. Electronic handbrake is a technology that realizes parking brake through electronic control.
Advantages of the system:
1. After the EPB engine is turned off, the system can automatically apply the parking brake. Easy and reliable parking, preventing accidental release (eg children, theft, etc.).
2. Replace the traditional mechanical handbrake with more advanced electronic control technology to avoid the unsafe accident of forgetting to release the handbrake when parking.
3. It can be used as a service brake in an emergency.
How EPB works:
Electronic Parking Brake System (EPB: Electric Parking Brake) refers to a technology that integrates temporary braking during driving and long-term braking after parking, and realizes parking braking through electronic control.
Electronic handbrake is a technology that realizes parking brake through electronic control. Its working principle is the same as that of the mechanical handbrake, the rear wheel brake shoe is braked by a pull wire. The other is to use electromechanical calipers, where the motor clamps the brake pads to control the parking brake.
The electronic parking brake extends from the basic parking function to the automatic parking function AUTO HOLD. The application of AUTO HOLD automatic parking function technology makes the driver do not need to brake for a long time when the vehicle stops. And the automatic electronic parking brake is activated, which can avoid unnecessary sliding of the vehicle, in short, the vehicle will not slip back.
The traditional handbrake needs to rely on the driver to manually release the handbrake or skillfully cooperate with the accelerator and clutch when starting uphill. The AUTO HOLD automatic parking function provides precise parking force by the controller through the grade sensor. When starting, the parking control unit automatically releases the parking brake when the driving force is greater than the driving resistance by calculating the information provided by the clutch distance sensor, the clutch kneading speed sensor and the accelerator pedal sensor, so that the car starts smoothly.
Even if there is a traffic jam in the urban area, as long as you turn on the AUTO HOLD function, the corresponding automatic parking function will be activated. The intelligent AUTO HOLD automatic parking function enables the vehicle to automatically engage the four-wheel braking while waiting for a red light or when going up and downhill. Even in D or N gear, there is no need to keep pressing the brakes or using the handbrake, the vehicle is always at a standstill. When you need to lift the standstill, just tap the accelerator to release the brakes. This configuration is really practical for car owners who often stop and go in the city, and it also reduces some unnecessary accidents caused by carelessness.

Post time: Sep-08-2022