What is a car’s brake caliper? What is the function?

The function of the car caliper: it has the function of decelerating, stopping or maintaining the operation of the wheel. Typically only disc brake systems are used, which are areas that protrude on the outside of the pads to enhance braking performance. The disc brake in the car consists of a brake oil pump, a brake disc connected to the wheel, and a brake caliper in the disc. When braking, the pressure of the brake fluid promotes the piston in the caliper and presses the brake shoes against the brake disc, producing a braking effect. Car calipers are available in three colors: red, yellow and black. Yellow brake calipers are used in porcelain brakes. It is the default brake on Porsche GT3 models and is generally used in cars with better power performance. A car brake caliper is a caliper device with the function of slowing down, stopping or maintaining the stop of the operating wheel, and is used in disc brake systems. Car brake calipers come in three colors: red, yellow and black. yellow brake calipers 1. Porcelain brakes use yellow brake calipers; 2. The Porsche composite carbon-porcelain brake system adopts carbon fiber-porcelain composite material, which is heat-resistant and pressure-resistant. It is the top brake system of Porsche and must be selected. red brake calipers 1. High-performance brakes use red brake calipers, the main feature is to increase the size of the brake disc, generally using a high-power version; 2. Brembo (Brembo) is synonymous with high-performance brake systems, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and other Brembo as their special brake brands. black brake calipers 1. High-performance cars and their general models use black calipers; 2. The silver brake caliper is an upgraded version of the black brake caliper, which is generally used for the upgraded version of entry-level models, and also used in mid-level models;

Post time: Aug-12-2022