Braking is learned! Comparison of different types of brake calipers

The braking system is the core component of driver’s life safety. With special emphasis, many drivers gradually realize the need to upgrade the braking system, so they will choose to replace the stronger braking system. But gradually, car buyers created a misunderstanding, that no matter what, it must be a good thing to replace some large and medium-sized brake calipers. Regardless of the car’s high horsepower and net weight, it is reasonable to replace a large or medium-sized brake system. But is that actually the case? Replacing large and medium-sized braking systems can indeed strengthen the braking system, but the question is, if the high horsepower of the vehicle is not large and the net weight is not large, can it really make full use of the full energy of the braking system? The answer is definitely no, because everyone hates this kind of thing.
The caliper body of the brake system usually adopts two processing techniques of casting and forging, which has the same knowledge as the casting and forging wheels on the market. Simply put, the structural mechanical compressive strength of the caliper body in the forging process is higher than that in the casting and casting process. The price of the products is relatively low, which has a greater relationship with the manufacturing cost. The most important thing in the production of the caliper body in the casting process is that according to the casting aid, the indoor temperature is liquid, but after it dries quickly, the solidified raw materials are poured into a special style. Finally, chemical substances such as metal material burrs and seams are removed, and the caliper body is manufactured. The form of the mold shell can complete many manufacturing possibilities.
The master tells everyone that from the perspective of the sales market, these two different types of caliper bodies provide a variety of options for people with different consumer levels. Regarding the role of the caliper, he said that the forged caliper body is more suitable for the market competition requirements of controlling gamers (or on the guide rail), because forging has great advantages in compressive strength, because the molecular structure of the forged caliper is ordered better than General casting calipers, the heat removal performance is several times that of the casting caliper body, the overall net weight of the calipers is very good, and the quality of the suspension system is reasonably reduced. 6061 aluminum alloy, 7075 aluminum alloy profile, aerospace Tai Chi high stiffness aluminum alloy profile and other raw materials are used to make the caliper body. Therefore, different raw materials have different physical and chemical characteristics. In order to better achieve the best anti-fatigue limit and light weight, the same production process is used for different aluminum alloy materials, such as high pressure forging with 4000 tons of high pressure forging. Generally speaking, forged caliper products have good performance, mold production is not popular in the car series, cast caliper products are cost-effective, and can also achieve daily street community applications.

Post time: Mar-29-2022