Electric Park Brake (EPB)

BIT keeps on putting out its seal of quality in the Aftermarket thanks to its revolutionary Electric Park Brake (EPB) portfolio, which is in its fifth generation and covers several important platforms including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Ford.

Initially launched in 2001, the BIT Electric Park Brake has now reached the milestone of sixty million units produced worldwide – proving BITs ability to always be at the front of technology where driver safety and comfort matters.

EPB is important in passenger vehicles as it allows drivers to activate a holding system to keep the vehicle stationary on grades and flat roads.

Our Electric Park Brakes:

Offer an improved drive comfort

Allow greater freedom in vehicle interior design

In caliper integrated systems, provide connection between hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake

Ensure optimum brake power in all conditions and reduce installation time due to the absence of hand brake cables

Caliper integrated systems

The EPB integrated system is based on an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and an actuator mechanism. The brake caliper itself provides a connection between the hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake. The holding mechanism is activated by the driver via a button, which in turn makes brake pads electrically apply onto the rear brakes.

The parking brake is operated by the actuator, which is screw-fixed directly to the brake caliper housing, and actuated via a switch in the vehicle interior. That eliminates the need for hand brake lever and cables, providing multiple advantages such as greater room inside the vehicle, simpler installation of EPB on vehicles, prevention of issues related to mechanical wear or temperature problems. All this ultimately results in brake power improvement in all conditions.

A wide range of options: EPB or Actuator Repair Kit We offer you both

The actuator, as an electrical component, is always subjected to extreme wear and tear and can therefore fail before the caliper. Our Actuator Repair Kit is the right solution for you to simplify repair of electric park brakes in a cost-effective way. EPB as a pre-assembled unit consisting of caliper housing and actuator or our Actuator Repair Kit as a cost-efficient alternative for a quick repair.

Safety everywhere, every time

The EPB gives its best during emergency and difficult situations, proving once more BITs ongoing commitment to improving overall brake system performance and driver safety and comfort. In case of a hydraulic system failure, for instance, the rear wheels are alternately braked, avoiding possible breakaway of the vehicle caused by a blocked rear axle.

Furthermore, EPB when equipped with a drive away assist system can implement a hill-hold function to prevent vehicle roll-back. Finally, the system can detect events of engine stalling and prevent the car rolling backwards, by automatically closing the parking brake.

NOTE: additional features may vary according to vehicle manufacturer

EPB in a nutshell

The BIT EPB range includes standard EPB and integrated EPB (or EPBi). EPBi reduce the number of ECUs required due to its integration with the Electronic Stability Control system and make this technology more affordable for smaller vehicle segments

Thanks to our innovative EPB, the vehicle can benefit from the following:

Emergency braking: ensures safe braking of the car to a standstill via closing and opening the parking brakes in rapid succession (similar to the ABS function);

Child safety lock: when ignition is off, the parking brake cannot be released;

Automatic hold: the parking brake can be applied automatically as soon as the drivers door is opened or ignition is switched off;

Electronically controlled: EPB can work with a variety of vehicle systems and sensors to improve safety performance;

No need for cable: the absence of a hand brake lever and cables allow greater freedom for interior styling and simplifies EPB installation on vehicles.

Post time: Aug-17-2021