Car brake calipers should be processed like this

brake caliper
The brake caliper is the housing that installs the brake pads and the piston rod of the brake cylinder. As an important and reliable component, the brake caliper is made of ductile iron and must be precision machined with custom-made special tools to maintain a good surface roughness and at the same time obtain the required radius and plan. In the case of Industrial Production 4.0, more and more automatic production lines or unmanned manufacturing and processing plants have already been used in installation and manufacturing, thus pointing out better technical requirements for special tools.
Challenges in the manufacturing process:
Milling of brake system washers with very short adjustment and production machining times.
While improving quality and safety, it reduces the production cadence of milling bores.
The hole plan is highly efficient and reliable.
Large quantities of fast, high-quality, reliable punching.
Seco brake caliper solution.
R335.25 non-standard three-sided milling cutter.
High surface finish.
The spindle adopts 2-3 kinds of blade designs with the same precision, which can obtain less chatter of the end teeth and maintain a good surface finish. The single edge of the blade has a long service life and has 4 or 8 cutting edges, which greatly reduces the cost of the user’s single edge product. The composition of various raw material blades can achieve different operating standards, and a higher single-edged blade can improve production efficiency.

Post time: Apr-22-2022