Precautions before and after brake shoe replacement

With the development trend of science and technology, the application of brake shoes is indispensable in the automobile industry, but the brake shoes are not new, but they must be replaced. So how much do you know about brake shoes? Today, the editor will briefly introduce the common problems before and after replacing the brake shoes in detail.
Before lifting the vehicle, open the brake oil cap and loosen the tire screws. If a simple hydraulic jack support point is used, the hydraulic jack should be supported and the wheels of the wheels without the brake pads replaced. Remove the tires, loosen the clamping screws, check the screws, the tooling fixtures roll the slide rails, remove top stains and oil stains, and carry out car oil maintenance. Remove the old brake shoes, check the damage level of the brake disc and whether the pipe groove is damaged. Serious damage should be replaced with a new brake disc with a range of 8-12,000 km. Otherwise, the damage of the newly replaced brake shoes will be accelerated, the braking position will vibrate, and the braking force will be too small. Special attention is that the installation and use of the new brake shoes should be clearly defined inside and outside, and the sliding friction surface of the brake shoes should be biased towards the brake disc, so as to facilitate proper cooperation. Secure the fitting and tighten the caliper body. Before tightening the caliper behavior, use the software to push the power plug on the caliper back into place to make the caliper in time.
After installing the brakes, the tires should be reset. When installing tire screws, the angle should be tightened to assist with tire and brake rim maintenance. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the tire surface and edge damage is normal. It is best to replace the correct 2 wheels on time, which will help increase the life of the tires.
Finally, check the brake fluid. Brake fluid should be changed on time. At the same time, it should be ensured that the brake fluid used has the same grade as the original brake fluid. This helps remove dirt and grime from the brake pipes, making the brakes more nimble. If a different brand of brake fluid is used, a chemical reaction will occur, and sludge and carbonates will accumulate in the brake system software. In general, in the era of rapid development of high-tech, brake shoes have become an indispensable commodity today, which is more like the choice of the times.

Post time: Apr-28-2022