2575-BOXIIIF #4401.J7 4401.J6 Brake Caliper Repair Kit for PEUGEOT FIAT CITROEN

Febest Code:2575-BOXIIIF

OEM:#4401.J7 4401.J6

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Product Description


Febest Code:2575-BOXIIIF

OEM:#4401.J7 4401.J6

Part Type: Braking System

Part Subgroup: Repair Kits

Compatible Vehicles:

PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
PEUGEOT BOXER Box (230L) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (244, Z_) (2001/12 - /)
PEUGEOT BOXER Box (244) (2001/12 - /)
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (244) (2001/12 - /)
PEUGEOT MANAGER Bus (2006/04 - /)
PEUGEOT MANAGER Box (2006/04 - /)
PEUGEOT MANAGER Platform/Chassis (2006/04 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Box (230L) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
FIAT DUCATO Bus (230) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
FIAT DUCATO Bus (244, Z_) (2002/04 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Box (244) (2002/04 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (244) (2002/04 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Bus (250, 290) (2006/07 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Box (250, 290) (2006/07 - /)
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (250, 290) (2006/07 - /)
CITROEN RELAY Bus (230P) (1994/02 - 2002/04)
CITROEN JUMPER Box (230L) (1994/02 - 2002/04)
CITROEN JUMPER Platform/Chassis (230) (1994/03 - 2002/04)
CITROEN RELAY Bus (244, Z_) (2002/04 - /)
CITROEN JUMPER Box (244) (2002/04 - /)
CITROEN JUMPER Platform/Chassis (244) (2002/02 - /)
CITROEN C35 Bus (1973/11 - 1994/01)
CITROEN JUMPER Bus (2006/04 - /)
CITROEN JUMPER Box (2006/04 - /)
CITROEN JUMPER Platform/Chassis (2006/04 - /)

Why Choose BIT Parts?

Each Individual component of this part is made with high quality materials. Unlike other brands, BIT uses only high quality Natural Rubber (75%) and (25%) synthetic Rubber. This means that it is more durable, and will last longer. The Rubber wont rub off on hand like the cheap replacement parts offered by competitors.

BIT also uses High Quality Synthetic Grease instead of Regular cheap lubricant, that means that it can handle all different weather conditions in all different terrains. They use only synthetic oils on Hydraulic engine mounting.

All BIT metal parts are Heat treated

BIT has German quality control experts that ensure all parts are of the utmost quality. They have specially developed metals and rubbers that create a super durable, and long lasting product.

The BIT brand has been in business over 10 years and takes their reputation seriously. All BIT parts sold by BIT Auto Parts come with a 1-Year Warranty and have guaranteed OEM compatible fitment. If you have any problem with our parts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What You Can Get from Our Factory

BIT’s main business is the development and manufacturing of automotive brake-related products. As an independent brake specialized manufacturer, we develop and manufacture functional components such as brake calipers and accessories.

We have complete parts for disc brakes, such as brake caliper, bracket, piston, seal, bleeder screw, bleeder cap, guide pin, pin boots, pad clip and so on. Anything in the disc brakes, welcome to contact us to get the catalog.

By the way, we also have wide range catalogs for European, American, Japanese and Korean cars. Such as Audi, VW, BMW, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, honda, KIA, Hyundai and so on. Find something what you want in our company.


What is Our Production

We are a professional manufacturer of braking system. We have our own R & D and production team. Each product will be tested after production and tested again before delivery.


How disc brakes work

When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the power is amplified by the brake booster (servo system) and changed into a hydraulic pressure (oil-pressure) by the master cylinder. The pressure reaches the brakes on the wheels via tubing filled with brake oil (brake fluid). The delivered pressure pushes the pistons on the brakes of the four wheels. The pistons in turn press the brake pads, which are friction material, against the brake rotors which rotate with the wheels. The pads clamp on the rotors from both sides and decelerate the wheels, thereby slowing down and stopping the vehicle.


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